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Commuting eBike

With a folding magnesium alloy frame and a highly responsive torque sensing powertrain, the 5th Wheel Tide 1 brings every cool feature in a sleek design!


Folding eBike

Fold in to store. Fold out to explore!


Cargo eBike

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Commuting eBike

The Torrent 1 flattens every hill, thanks to its 500W torque-sensing powertrain. It features top-shelf components and a breathtaking exterior with sleek lines!


Road eBike

Blending performance with style, the Tempest 1 weighs just 18.5kg and features 700x32C tires to efficiently roll over every obstacle in your way!

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Igor has tested Thunder 2 folding eBike for his daily commutes.

"It's even more comfy than I expected when I was actually riding on it. Perfectly fit to my Tesla trunk when it's folded. Very well built, and easy to assemble if you follow the installation video they give."

Eric Hobart

"The Thunder 1FT is a high quality eBike with lots of great features! The 4" fat tires and adjustable suspension give the Thunder 1FT a really smooth ride even off-road! The 500w motor is powerful reaching top speed quickly and gets me up steep hills with ease. I wish the top speed was a bit higher than 20mph as the bike wants to go faster. Overall I would recommend the Thunder 1FT for anyone looking for a folding eBike for riding on the street or trails."

Daniel R.

"It is a great bike to enjoy a ride even riding against the wind. It does have a great motor as well. Goes fast. Have thoroughly enjoyed my first few rides! I love exploring the city and so much look forward to testing new models next time!"

Aria E.

"I love the low-key design of the Thunder series! I go out for trails every week, and this time I took 5TH WHEEL with me. It went quite stable up hills than other bikes I have tested before. Gravels and rock roads are also friendly. Very enjoyable riding experience!"

Gene J.

"Thrilled by the Thunder 2! Its surprising comfort and effortless foldability amazed me, making daily commuting a breeze. Smooth on various terrains, and the impressive motor power left an impression. A higher top speed would be a bonus. The Thunder 2 redefines convenience and joy in biking, especially for daily commutes."

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