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Commuting eBike

With a folding magnesium alloy frame and a highly responsive torque sensing powertrain, the 5th Wheel Tide 1 brings every cool feature in a sleek design!


Folding eBike

Fold in to store. Fold out to explore!


Cargo eBike

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Commuting eBike

The Torrent 1 flattens every hill, thanks to its 500W torque-sensing powertrain. It features top-shelf components and a breathtaking exterior with sleek lines!


Road eBike

Blending performance with style, the Tempest 1 weighs just 18.5kg and features 700x32C tires to efficiently roll over every obstacle in your way!

Benefits as a Select Ambassador

• $500 off your first purchase or cash back on your order
• Up to $500 bonus per month for helping drive sales, plus 6% commission on each sale
• Exclusive 50-100% off discount on future purchases
• Free 5TH WHEEL merchandise and accessories

Do you have what it takes?

• Are interested in or already owned a 5TH WHEEL Electric Bike
• Maintain an active profile on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and relevant communities
• Have a true passion for promoting sustainable transportation and outdoor activities

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We are a community of passionate e-bike enthusiasts who believe in the power of cycling to transform our cities and our lives. As an Ambassador, you'll serve as a representative of our brand and help spread the word about the benefits of e-bikes and the importance of sustainable transportation, have exclusive access to our latest products and gear, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your love of cycling.

So if you're a cycling enthusiast who is passionate about e-bikes and sustainable transportation, we invite you to apply to and become a 5TH WHEEL EBIKE Ambassador today!