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Commuting eBike

With a folding magnesium alloy frame and a highly responsive torque sensing powertrain, the 5th Wheel Tide 1 brings every cool feature in a sleek design!


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Fold in to store. Fold out to explore!


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Commuting eBike

The Torrent 1 flattens every hill, thanks to its 500W torque-sensing powertrain. It features top-shelf components and a breathtaking exterior with sleek lines!


Road eBike

Blending performance with style, the Tempest 1 weighs just 18.5kg and features 700x32C tires to efficiently roll over every obstacle in your way!
E-Scooter Knowledge

5TH WHEEL M1 Electric Scooter: Lightweight, Safe, and Affordable Urban Commuting Solution

5TH WHEEL Official: Mar 07, 2023

Introducing the 5TH WHEEL M1 Electric Kick Scooter - a sleek and modern electric scooter designed for urban transportation. The M1 has recently been awarded the prestigious 2021 iF Design Award, with the judges praising its compact form, integrated battery, and unique folding clamp design.

The M1 is not only stylish, but it also offers high performance, safety, and reliability, making it the perfect last-mile solution for commuters, travelers, and leisure riders. Its 250W silent motor can reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph, and it can handle steep 15-degree hills with ease. The reinforced frame can support riders up to 220lbs, and the 36V 6Ah battery provides a range of up to 13.7 miles, while also saving 10% on electricity bills compared to other brands.

Safety is a top priority for the M1, which features a triple braking system consisting of EABS, drum brake, and foot brake to reduce the risk of brake failure. The scooter also comes equipped with LED head and taillights, making it ideal for night-time riding. The handle and foot pad designs ensure better friction and emotional appeal, and the folding clamp can be used to hang small bags when traveling. 


The M1 is not only safe and reliable but also foldable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. Its unique 3S folding system allows for maximum portability, with a folded size of 41.518.716.9 inches and a weight of 31lbs. This makes it perfect for commuting or travel, as it can easily fit into the trunk of most cars.


In addition, the M1 features a smart app that allows users to control various functions, such as locking and unlocking the scooter, turning lights on and off, and setting cruise control. The scooter also has three speed settings, with pedestrian mode limited to about 5 mph, the second setting good for 9 mph, and the third gear allowing a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.


Overall, the 5TH WHEEL M1 Electric Kick Scooter offers an affordable and reliable urban transportation solution that is perfect for commuters, travelers, and leisure riders. Its stylish design, high performance, safety features, and smart app make it the ultimate urban mobility companion.